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Sunday, March 30, 2003:

Alot of news worries me these days. I know the world is a complicated and this is ground into the surface of my conciousness with the knowlege that I have no idea how deep the shitstain runs. And I do have an imagination. I used to think that lots of things just wouldn't happen here or now or ever at all. I think now that we can't rule anything out. This, i don't think happened to me on Sept. 11 but lately with the things folks in power have been doing and saying in the name of God, justice and whatever else can be used to spin. I don't know how we can know the truth of what is going on. And especially now when I personally need to feel safe and optimistic. I am thinking any loss of life is too much. All of these hapless people, theirs and ours, getting killed or fucked up. Like grist in the mill. That is what it is. Exploitation of powerlessness. Thats the part that bugs the shit out of me. I think some somewhere I got the idea people were supposed to be excellent to each other. Not such a bad concept. But, not reasonable. We must be the animals we are. Weak as we are. So let's roll you bunch of spawn-sack, motherfuckers. Let's go kill some fuckin towel heads. HooAhh!!
Craig // 9:16 AM


Tuesday, March 18, 2003:

Today I buttered toast using a stick of real, sweet-cream, salted Land-o-Lakes butter like a pen. After a 15 second softening (gives me the willies just thinking about it) I found it could be held just firmly enough to use broad strokes like a brush or pencil. What a gas. I can't believe I am 49 and never did that before. Now, by extrapolating, one can imagine a large chapstick-like butter dispenser. It should be a Popiel product. It's right up there with the pocket fisherman. Butter could be impregnated with herbs, garlic, a chocolate center. A designer butter gun. Butter cartriges for easy loading. If you can get a glue gun you should be able to get a butter bazooka. Corn on the cob is a natural. Precise measuring,(hash marks on the side). White plastic or stainless.
Craig // 6:13 PM


Tuesday, July 09, 2002:

My stocks lost money. It's my fault, I should have known better. I got fired, it's my fault for not working harder. All of the relationships I have had with women have not worked out. I should have seen it coming. Truck broke down. I didn't keep it up. My brother got killed in the hood. I suppose I should have been with him. I can't get a boner much anymore. I drink too much. I got beat up. My fault for being in their way. The cops took my license. I shouldn't have been caught. I think the world needs a bullet between the eyes. String it up, gut it and skin it. Start over. Take the crooks and beat the livin fuck out of them until even dental records are usuless. But i'm okay. If only I could live life on my terms, things would be good. I can't get used to the idea that i'm only fuckin dust in the wind. And it truly seem like we all are. I just cannot accept it. FUCK! We need a total nuclear war, the sooner th3e better.
Craig // 7:23 PM


Monday, June 24, 2002:

PRESS RELEASE:06/24/2002,08:09 P.M.
Savant Services announces new, progressive, intensly-targeted personell service. By using previously discarded and forgotten savants, Savant Services will revolutionize employment by focusing like a laser beam on problem positions in the work world. As an example the Savant Accountant or Savant Newscaster, Savant Train Engineer or Savant House Painter. The limit is your creativity and ability to commit to training. Once we match the savant to your job you take over and provide training. Our customer support will not end there. We will follow up with any diagnostic and remedial counseling as required for the first 18 months of service.
We go through an exhaustive search for the perfect savant for you. The savant is guaranteed to be gentle and submissive. They will work like genius dogs to please you.
Please call Savant Services for a free consultation now.

Craig // 6:19 PM


Thursday, June 20, 2002:

So now they say cell phones do cellular (hee hee) damage. In Finland they say this. That may explain several things: The Finish personality, as exciting as grey felt, and the typical American glued to their phone, pissing their pants over something that just couldn't wait until they got across the street. This is a kind of retardation that enables people to pretend they are important much the way we did when we played school in childhood.
The other day I was in a downtown park on a Saturday morning. People were setting up for a flea market sort of thing. The common thread was that anything sold was to be hand made locally. I saw soap, bratwurst made from some breed of cattle originally imported from Italy (not a good brat by my judgement. But I suppose I can't expect an Italian cow to be the equal of a domestic pig). I saw cute little natural-looking college-aged girls selling cute little natural-looking jewlery aimed at cute little natural-looking college-aged girls. (How much wood could a woodchuck chuck.....) I saw a self apointed foxey chick with painted eyebrows and top front teeth that must have been ground off flush with the adjacent teeth. Straight across, like corn on the cob. The best was a sweet young woman playing a harp. Never saw one being played in person and it was captivating. I gave her 4 quarters.
This is it. Ben of Deyho

Craig // 7:45 PM


Monday, June 10, 2002:

Things are greening up here in Wisconsin. Crops are coming up and the farmers are sportin' wood at the thought of it. Before too long the corn will be growing and a bounty of fresh vegies will be available to all who desire. If you have never seen a fully grown corn field then you have missed something worth going out of your way for. We have had alot of rain and a few days here and there of sunshine. A bumper crop of mosquitos is sure to be on it's way also.Little worthless bastards. I keep threatening to build a bat house but not yet I guess.
All day today I kept hearing about this American citizen who has been detained and thrown in the brig for alegedly planing to build and detonate a "dirty bomb". I think the plan is not to actually do any more physical harm to Americans but to keep feeding us bits of stuff to alow us to drive ourselves insane. We can do it too. They say India and Pakistan don't have a clue about the real implications of a nuclear war. I think they do, moreso than we think. You now see them backing down and trying to make friends at least a little bit. On the other hand, Americans, led by the media and the Bush folks are running around pissing on themselves in all the excitement. We have no clue.
Every day on my way to a customers clinic I pass the Fox river. It's quite a long river and goes through a few counties, cities and alot of beautiful country side. A the place I see every day I long to throw in a canoe or kayak and paddle slowly along. Someday I will.
Today I was listening to Hendrix's Electric Ladyland. His last successfull effort. Voodoo Chile is most impressive with it's soulfullness and power. He continues to amaze me after all these years. So sad he's gone but he wasn't much to listen to later on.
Nite all and..... later Ben

Craig // 7:43 PM


Thursday, June 06, 2002:

Ok. My first posting. What I saw today. Lots of things. Highlights would be:
Some guy with a spankin silver Suzuki with a drag-length swing arm. Sounded fast but you never know. Some people have the stuff but don't know what to do with it.
Some blind woman at work. She takes orders all day long and enters them on her computer. She has a braille gizmo to transfer her typing to a non-sight-challenged-person keyboard. Slick.
These small black birds chasing a hawk. Why do we admire eagles and hawks and other birds of prey? These little black birds showed balls the hawk could never even imagine. Birds of prey are like politicians in that way. They jump you when your most unsuspecting and vulnerable.
A little girl with some kind of patterned red dress. All she needed to complete the Norman Rockwell thing was an ice cream cone that had fallen on her cat's head.
A bunch of high school kids walking down the main drag in Mukwonago,WI. (small town) covered in shaving cream or whipped cream or? It was all over the ground and these kids were livin la vita loca. I was working.
One of my customers gave me 2 cool pens from some drug manufacturers. These people always have the coolest stuff. I wonder what the kids in Africa with AIDS would do with a rubber grip pen and a couple Vioxx refridgerator magnets....
Well thats it for today, Later. Ben

Craig // 7:05 PM


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