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Monday, June 10, 2002:

Things are greening up here in Wisconsin. Crops are coming up and the farmers are sportin' wood at the thought of it. Before too long the corn will be growing and a bounty of fresh vegies will be available to all who desire. If you have never seen a fully grown corn field then you have missed something worth going out of your way for. We have had alot of rain and a few days here and there of sunshine. A bumper crop of mosquitos is sure to be on it's way also.Little worthless bastards. I keep threatening to build a bat house but not yet I guess.
All day today I kept hearing about this American citizen who has been detained and thrown in the brig for alegedly planing to build and detonate a "dirty bomb". I think the plan is not to actually do any more physical harm to Americans but to keep feeding us bits of stuff to alow us to drive ourselves insane. We can do it too. They say India and Pakistan don't have a clue about the real implications of a nuclear war. I think they do, moreso than we think. You now see them backing down and trying to make friends at least a little bit. On the other hand, Americans, led by the media and the Bush folks are running around pissing on themselves in all the excitement. We have no clue.
Every day on my way to a customers clinic I pass the Fox river. It's quite a long river and goes through a few counties, cities and alot of beautiful country side. A the place I see every day I long to throw in a canoe or kayak and paddle slowly along. Someday I will.
Today I was listening to Hendrix's Electric Ladyland. His last successfull effort. Voodoo Chile is most impressive with it's soulfullness and power. He continues to amaze me after all these years. So sad he's gone but he wasn't much to listen to later on.
Nite all and..... later Ben

Craig // 7:43 PM


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